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Ministry of Happy Walls

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Ministry of Happy Walls

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we like people who know what they want

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Your own wallpaper kit!

Birdies and Clouds


You can be involved in the creative proces. Would you like the sky to be paler or darker, or maybe some  more pink? Would you like more birds or maybe remove them totally?

Indicate your preferences below and I'll make a preview to fit perfectly with your required measurements.

Luxury custom wallpaper.


Customization is our specialty. We not only make your wallpaper fit to your exact sizes, but we make sure that the design is completely to your liking.

Do you have a wall that is not standard? Funny corners? No problem. 

When customizing, we shift the flowers, animals and plants so that the image remains beautiful and accurate. We don't cut out unless you want us to.

When you request a preview, you will receive it within two working days. When you are happy with the preview, you will recieve a secure link to make your payment. Your wallpaper, completely tailored to your specifications will be shipped to you free of charge within a week.

We do not charge anything for customization, you only pay for the number of m2 of wallpaper.

We ship worldwide

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