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Je kan kiezen uit vier soorten behang. Vliesbehang, vinyl, EcoTex en Airtex. Ieder heeft zijn eigen look en kenmerken. Kies de optie die het beste bij je smaak en behoeften past en geniet van een geweldige look voor je muren!


You can choose from four types of wallpaper:

* Vinyl with a paper backing. 

* Non-woven wallpaper. Paper with a scratch-resistant coating, completely PVC free.  Heavy and sturdy with bright colours.

* EcoTex. 100% recyclable. Scratch and colorfast and can be removed with a damp cloth. Fire resistant. It is delivered in 1 piece, so you have no seams.  

* Airtex. Suitable for damp areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom. It is the heavy duty version of EcoTex.

Do you want wallpaper in your shower cubicle? That is also possible. We use a special coating for this. Even with airtex you will not be bothered by seams. It is also seamless in one piece.

Circles and Prints

You can choose from four materials.

1. Self-adhesive on Gekkotex. This is a self-adhesive polyester with a matte textile appearance. The material is wrinkle-free and repositionable, water-resistant and virtually tear-resistant.

2. Forex® plate is a hard, sturdy yet light material. Thanks to the hard and radiant white top layer, your photo will look sleek and clear. Appearance is matt.

The suspension system is included.

 3. Dibond®  is sturdy yet light thanks to the combination of aluminum with a black plastic core. The material is moisture resistant, dimensionally stable and durable.  Appearance is matt.

The suspension system is included.

4, Plexiglas  has  a luxurious appearance and beautiful 3D effect.

The suspension system is included.

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