What is the difference between plain wallpaper and a mural? Easy. It is both wallpaper, but a mural is in fact a large image. This is in contrast to a repeating pattern.

When you choose one of our murals, we tailor it exactly to your wall. We do this for free. We charge a fixed meter price. € 79 per m2 for wallpaper and € 99 per m2 for the Ecotex.

Indicate which wallpaper you want, and request a free sample on your sizes (digital) plus a quote. You don't have to do that and you know where you stand.

Fill in our form and we will contact you.

Prefer telephone contact? Mention that on the form. We like to think along with you. You can also put special wishes on the form.

Choice of 2 materials



Our wallpaper is printed on a vinyl top layer with a non woven backing. It weighs 350 grams per m2. It is sturdy, and has a matte elegant look. We divide the wallpaper into strips of 70 or 80 cm wide. They fit perfectly when pasting.



When your wallpaper must be able to take a beating. Color, scratch and tear resistant. Suitable for the kitchen and bathroom (not in the shower cabin). It is 100% recyclable and is supplied in one piece up to 5 meters wide.

Cirkel Delft Blue.jpg

Onze cirkels wordt gedrukt op stevig zelfklevend materiaal. Geen flinterdun gedoe en het plakt supermakkelijk. 

Je kan er ook kiezen voor een cirkel van forex . Je krijgt er een mooi aluminium ophangsysteem  bij.

Plexiglas kan ook. Ook met aluminium ophangsysteem.


Fine art prints 

van antieke Japanse 


De prints worden gedrukt op plexiglas - glans met een mooie luxe uitstraling, compeet met ophangsysteem. Dibond - mat en volledig recyclebare forex kan ook.