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Ministry of Happy Walls

Transforming the bedroom into a palace of opulence and abundance? Bringing a nursery to life with butterflies, birds, flowers and plants reaching up to the ceiling? Or make a small corner of the house a showpiece?

Jo van Gemerde

After a career as a musician and journalist (HP / De Tijd, Margriet, Marie Claire, Elle, Yes, Vriendin) and a writer, (she wrote the bestseller Sushi & Chardonnay) Jo van Gemerde threw herself into creating colorful and daring designs .
Hundreds of photos and layers are used and digitally combined for each design. Overlay, side by side or overlapping. The result is a vivid panorama. A virtual world with depth, where you as a spectator can wander and discover new things again and again.

The Ministry of Happy Walls wallpaper is a 100% Dutch product. It is designed in Amsterdam by Jo himself and eventually printed in Friesland on heavy quality wallpaper or on the 100% recyclable material Ecotex.

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