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Japanese Prints

Art prints van antique Japanese folding screens

Antique Japanese folding screens are extremely popular with many celebrities past and present being collectors including Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Kate Moss and Karl Lagerveld.

If you would like to start your own collection, but don’t have the budget of Jaquie ‘O’, then our beautiful top-quality prints are a more affordable option – giving you all the style and taste, without breaking the bank.

Our prints are exact copies from works by old Japanese masters, many of which are ancient works of art. It is for this reason that we have opted not to ‘touch up’ minor damage or imperfections on the originals in order to maintain the authenticity as much as possible and truly give you the sense of having an actual Japanese master on your wall.

Your fine art print will be made specifically for you and come supplied with a hanging system and clear instructions of how to hang your print just like a painting





A touch of the old and a touch of the new
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