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Examples of previews

Before a wallpaper goes to the printer, we make a digital scale preview for you to approve. way you can see what your wallpaper will look like. Below are previews of Delft Blue and Night.


Often the first preview matches the wishes of the customer perfectly, but if you want to make changes, we can easily implent them. For example, if a bird or plant would be hidden by a TV screen on the wall. It is useful if you send us a photo or a plan of

the wall  or the room so that we can take in to account existing furniture and features.

hanke clay small 1 566 x279 cm.jpg
small cecilia 117 x 231.jpg
small 2  bh 196 x 240.jpg
Night HET DESIGN (2).jpg
small carla 83 x 240.jpg
marcel blauw 1.jpg
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